International Air Bahama

Joan Armaly and Gun Vidal

Sylvia King and Helene Falk Brownson

International Air Bahama was an independent passenger flight transportation carrier founded in June 1968.

Founders, joint owners and management

  • Major Norman Ricketts, Bristol,United Kingdom
    The major receiving the OBE, the order of the British Empire.

  • Brigadier General O D Lassiter, Executive Jet, Columbus Ohio, USA

  • Mr. Tommie Thompson, USA.

    Sir Lynden Pindling

    The airline was formed under influence of the Promotion Board of Tourism in the Bahamas, by Sir Lynden Pindling. The managing director was Mr. Alexander Maillis, Nassau, Bahamas.

    Scheduled flights

    Scheduled passenger flights were operated between Nassau, New Providence in the Bahamas and Findel International Airport, Luxembourg, Luxembourg Grand Duchy.

    Chief pilot

    US Air Force Flight Commander Everett Terry.

    Chief stewardess

    Chief Stewardess 1968 - 1969 was Nettie Miller, followed 1969 - 1971 by Muriel LaBine, both formerly with Overseas National Airways, New York.

    Station manager

    Station manager at Nassau International Airport was Mr. Nick Mennon of London, UK, to be followed by Mr. Gunnar Sigurdsson, Reykjavik, Iceland, as Hekla Holdings took over International Air Bahama.

    International crew

    The crew was recruited internationally from the Bahamas, the United States of America, Luxembourg Grand Duchy, the Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland.

    Airline sold to Loftleidir

    International Air Bahama was sold to Hekla Holdings of Loftleidir Icelandic Airlines in 1969, who continued the operations until 1982.