International Air Bahama

Nettie in Hawaii!

Welcome to Nettie Miller´s page!
Nettie lives in San Francisco, California. Nettie was Chief Stewardess for International Air Bahama from the start of the airline June 1968 up to the airline was acquired by Loftleidir Icelandic in October 1969.
Read Nettie´s introduction to her time with International Air Bahama here! Cleared for take-off by Nettie Miller
Meet a true Globetrotter! Nettie in Egypt

Nettie, Fifi Labine and friend

Inauguration flight from
Nassau International Airport Bahamas
to Findel Airport Luxembourg on July 20, 1968.

On photo from left to right:
  • Nassau Station Manager Nick Mennon
  • Major Norman Ricketts
  • Helene Lassiter-Brownson
  • Elisabeth Gustavsson Gyllman
  • Airport Official
  • Nettie Miller
  • Captain John "Jake" Jacobs
  • Gunilla Kuylenstierna (Kay) Crawford
  • Findel Airport Official
  • Anna Eriksson
  • Sylvia King and
  • Anette Englund Martins

  • Nettie visiting Mexico and Palm Springs!
    Nettie Miller visiting air crew friend
    from her time with Overseas Natioal Airways,
    in Todos Santos in Mexico autumn 2004.

    Nettie Miller visiting Palm Springs autumn 2004.

    Nettie in Singapore in 2001

    Nettie with her Saturn.

    Nettie in Sweden July 1999 for Air Bahama reunion, visiting Rockelstad Castle outside Stockholm.

    Countess Nettie having breakfast at Rockelstad Castle!

    Air Bahama Reunion in Stockholm Sweden July 1999, Nettie with her chicks of 1968!!
    Sylvia King, Anna Eriksson, Elisabeth, Nettie and Eva Thelning outside the Blus Vista Club in 1968!

    Air Bahama Reunion in Stockholm Sweden July 2004, Gourmet Dinner at Anna´s place in Sigtuna!
    Nettie visited Lacko Castle, Lidkoping, Swedenus Vista!

    Here is Nettie´s International Air Bahama Photo Show!

    Graduations at Aer Lingus, Dublin, Ireland, 1968 - photo taken across the road from training classes location close to Dublin Airport. Air Bahama Chief Hostess Nettie Miller and Aer Lingus Training Class Supervisor Marian McCreery not present in photo.

    Left to right Sophia vantHof - van den Heuvel, Daisy Leenart, Helen Falk Brownson, Thelma Otto, Anna Eriksson, Gunilla Kaye (Kuylenstierna) Crawford, Elisabeth Gustavsson Gyllman, Anette Englund Martins, Gun Vidal, Nicole Krettels Burnett, Claudine Hastert Ferron, Liliane Steinmetz, Gudrun Johansson Federico, Eva Thelning Marco, Lucy Timmermann Justiliano, Mia McCreery Topping, Sylvia King, Carin Bergquist Skoglund, Lena Granquist Wright, Betty (Marie-Berthe) Frieders Kuntziger, Viveca Hanngren, Gunilla Hammar Safstrom and Anneke Hoffmann Placide.

    Present residency
  • Nettie Miller lives in San Francisco, CA, USA.
  • Marian McCreery IN MEMORIAM - Dublin, Ireland
  • Sophia vantHof - van den Heuvel, Limbricht, Holland
  • Daisy Leenart,unknown residence
  • Helen Falk Brownson, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
  • Thelma Otto - IN MEMORIAM - Amsterdam, Holland
  • Anna Eriksson, Sigtuna, Sweden
  • Gunilla Kaye (Kuylenstierna) Crawford, Florida, USA
  • Elisabeth Gustavsson Gyllman, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Anette Englund Martins, Sundsvall, Sweden
  • Gun Vidal, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Nicole Krettels Burnett, United Kingdom
  • Claudine Hastert Ferron, Luxembourg
  • Liliane Steinmetz - IN MEMORIAM - Luxembourg
  • Gudrun Johansson Federico, Half Moon Bay, CA, USA
  • Eva Thelning Marco, Florida, UK
  • Lucy Timmermann Justiliano, Florida, USA
  • Mia McCreery Topping, Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Sylvia King, Los Angeles, USA
  • Carin Bergquist Skoglund, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Lena Granquist Wright, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Betty Marie-Berthe Frieders Kuntziger, Paris, France
  • Viveca Hanngren - IN MEMORIAM - Stockholm, Sweden
  • Gunilla Hammar Safstrom, Bjursas, Dalecarlia, Sweden
  • Anneke Hoffmann Placide, Holland

  • Same class as above - Newly recruited airline hostesses to be arrive in Dublin, Ireland, 1968 - photo shot in front of Dublin International Airport Departure Building.

    Top left to right Gunilla Kuylenstierna - Kaye - Crawford, Eva Thelning Marco, Anneke Hoffmann Placide, Viveca Hanngren, Anna Eriksson, Gudrun Johansson Federico, Nicole Krettels Burnett, Anette Englund Martins, Elisabeth Gustavsson Gyllman, unknown from Sweden? and Daisy Leenart. Middle row left to right Sophia vantHof - van den Heuvel, Helene Falk Brownson, Gunilla Hammar Safstrom, Sylvia King, Liliane Steinmetz, Conny surname, Betty Marie Berthe Frieders Kuntziger, Claudine Hastert Ferron. Front row from left to right Margie Ave Torres, Gun Vidal, Thelma Otto, Carin Bergquist Skoglund, Lucy Timmermann Justiliano and Mabel Desmet.