International Air Bahama

Captain John "Jake" Jacobs IN MEMORIAM
In loving memory of a great pilot and good friend

Jake in the captainīs seat,
Nicole Krettels Burnettīs husband Paul
on the jumpseat, 1968.
Photo courtesy Nicole Burnett.
Welcome to Eva Jacobsīpage!

Eva and Jakeīs daughter Anatoriasī wedding!

Jake and Eva Jacobs on Love Beach

Fashion model Eva Jacobs

Jake on top of stairs, Georgette Frisch Kohn,
Don Torres and Dave Clarke

On top of stairs Don Torres, Jake,
Joan Armaly and unknown F/A

Anneke Hoffman Placide, Major Norman Ricketts,
Elisabeth, Jake & Brigitte Bardot
and Nick Mennon at Luxembourg 1968.

International Air Bahama inauguration flight from Luxembourg to Nassau on July 20, 1968

Hotel Blue Vista Club, Nassau Bahamas

Hotel Blue Vista Club, Nassau Bahamas