Georgette Frisch Kohn´s
wonderful airline life!

A young Georgette as she started her career with Air Bahama.

So many happy evenings at Leo´s
at hotel Italia, Luxembourg!

Brownie, Georgette and
Marian at this end of table

Thelma getting ready for
the life vest demonstration
on board

Georgette with ex husband
Franz doing Air Bahama PR on
the French Riviera!!

Georgette with her parents visiting
Nassau - the dark haired girl is really
Georgette in her afro-look, very
chic indeed at the time!

Captain Jack Wagner, Thelma Otto
and Marie-Jeanne at IAB flat
at no 9, rue Rénert,
in Luxembourg

Nice photo of Captain Jack Wagner and Andy Boer

Captain Wagner, unidentified,
"Baby Face"and Georgette partying!

Marian and Georgette at same party!

Skip Walton at his
house in Florida

The Dream Come True Reunion
in Nassau Bahamas on
Saturday July 15, 2006!

Georgette with little neighbour at
Cable Beach, Nassau

Excited girls on their way to flight
attendant training with Eastern Airlines
in Miami in spring of 1970.

Larry Swartz visiting Georgette
and her ex in Luxembourg

Marian Hessinck Gesell and
husband visiting Georgette in Lux

Wonderful Bahamas! Vernica Ferguson,
Anna Eriksson and Margie Torres
and unident.

Marie-Jeanne and unident
on the beach

Joyce Varga telling Georgette a secret!

Yvonne´s mum is the best
cook in the Bahamas!

Barry our driver,
in 1994 when I visited Nassau
I looked him up!

Georgette started at the town office in Lux in 1968
and took up flying in March 1970 till 1974/ beg. -75.
In Nassau, She first shared an apartment with Danièle
Mayer Rousseaux on Bay Street at Thompson's department
store,later on when Danièle left, she shared with
Marian Hessink on Cable Beach.
When Georgette´s daughter was born in September -75, she
stopped working for a couple of years. Afterwards she
worked for Luxavia, a southafrican airline that flew from
Lux to Johannesburg. Georgette worked at the airport office
and was in charge of the flight control.
In 1998 Georgette moved to the US,Greensboro, North Carolina
and worked at the Marriott Hotel in sales. She returned to
Lux in 1991 and worked ever since in a travel agency.

Georgette and Daniél posing

Having a wonderful time visiting
Yvonne Shaw in Nassau, Ian Mortemore to the left.

Georgette and Betty Zimmer ( Bamberg)

It´s a cold night and Tex
has the best resolution,
body heat!

Georgettes house in Lux with
her daughter on the slade,
Georgette´s car and ex-husband
... and the Air Bahama plane
landing ...

Tex and Miss Bahamas

Quiz winners with Captain
JD Stone, Anneke Hoffman and
Sophia vant Hof.

When Georgette was a rich girl!

Your Air Bahama Ticket!

Georgette with Quiz winners

The sad funeral of Liliane Steinmetz in Luxembourg.
Liliane died in a car accident in Luxembourg spring
of 1970.
In dear memory of a good friend and colleague.
Photo courtesy Georgette Kohn Frisch

Eastern Airlines
Stewardess Diploma