Fashion model Georgette!

See more of Georgette┤s
glorious airline days!

Welcome aboard International Air Bahama!

Georgette with her family on the French Riviera

APRIL 8, 2006
3 generations, grandma Georgette,
daughter Danielle and grandchildren
Laura and Fabio, they have a house in
Ste Maxim but this photo is taken in
St Tropez.
Georgette with husband Bob!

Laura the Fairy Princess!

FEBRUARY 28, 2006

Georgette┤s granddaughter Laura
dressed for Carneval!


Captain Jake Jacobs on top of stairs,
Georgette, Don Torres and Richard Clarke

Joe Gorrill and Skip with
Joan Armaly getting ready
to go up up and away!

Joe Gorrill and
Skip having fun

A surprised Althea Bodie
(Twiggy) - what┤s up, mon?

Twiggy, Ruthie and ???

Marian Hessinck Gessell
celebrating her birthday
somewhere in the clouds
- was it LUX-NAS or NAS-LUX?!


Georgette lives in Luxemburg and France.
She graduated flight school as a
stewardess for International Air Bahama
together with DaniÚle Mayer Rousseaux
and Liliane Hebeler.

Georgette takes control!

Jake, Georgette,
Richard and Don!

Georgette and Marian
deserve a rest after
pax meal service

Twiggy and Marian

Mia McCreery Topping

DECEMBER 22, 2005
Georgette and grand daughter Laura
who turned 3 in September. Laura is crazy about ... flying ... Georgette and family will fly for New Year's to the French coast to celebrate with friends. Laura asks every day how many nights still to sleep before she can see the clouds again...maybe she goes after Grandma to become an airline stewardess! She calls Georgette "Fliijerb˘m" meaning Grandma Plane.

Special greetings to Margreth Sigurdsson
and family in Reykjavik, Iceland.
"Gunnar was a fine man, can┤t believe he
is not here anymore," says Georgette.

Happy New Year from Benji!

New Year 2006 on the French Riviera!

Luxembourg reunion July 2000
at the Hotel Italia!

Left to right:
Carin Skoglund, Mia McCreery Topping,
Marian Hessinck Gesell, Georgette,
Anneke Hoffman Placide, Gunilla
Hammar Safstrom, Elisabeth,
Gun Vidal and Eva Thiberg Jacobs.

Left to right
  • By airplane door Ruthie Lightbourne
  • Marian Hessinck Gessell
  • Joan Armaly
  • Georgette Kohn Frisch
  • in front Rosina Breuer

    Georgette Frisch Kohn,
    Marian Hessinck Gesell
    and colleagues

    Photo courtesy Eva Jacobs

  • Georgette in
    IAB Luxembourg office 1968

    Danielle in
    IAB Lux office

    Photos courtesy David Stone

    International Air Bahama
    Friendship Reunion at Hotel
    Italia Luxembourg July 2000


    Georgette Kohn Frisch, Danielle & Ferdy Mayer-Rousseaux,
    Anne Cash and unknown at far end.

    Elisabeth beside Gary Cash and Margret Sigurdsson
    sitting opposite Marcel Janssens, Diane Mangen
    and Yvette Moos Pauletto!

    Petrina, Yvonne, Eva and Anette thank
    owner of the Hotel Italia Leo Antognoli for
    hosting the wonderful reunion!

    Petrina Lightbourne McPhee, Yvonne Shaw,
    Leo Antognoli owner of the Hotel Italia,
    overwhelmed by the roses they gave him as
    the wonderful Air Bahama Reunion in Luxembourg
    was going towards its end.

    Eva Jacobs and Anette Martins Englund on the
    other side of Leo. Blonde at very right is
    Georgette Frisch Kohn who did a marvellous
    job at the Reunion in tending to everybody┤s

    A sweet hostess! Georgette first worked in the
    Air Bahama town office in Luxembourg and then
    started flying. Georgette lives in Luxembourg
    and on the French riviera.

    Dinner Saturday July 1, 2000 - 6 pm


    Leo Antognoli

    Guest of honor

    Major Norman Ricketts

    Attending Dinner Guests

    Adderley-Osterloh, Adela

    Bamberg, Betty

    Carlen, Lennart

    Cash, Anne and Gary

    Crawford-Kaye, Gunilla

    Englund-Martins, Anette

    Eriksson, Anna & Annika Backstrom

    Frisch Kohn, Georgette

    Hammar-Safstrom, Gunilla

    Hastert-Ferron, Claudine

    Hays, Anne and Emmett

    Hebeler, Liliane

    Hessink-Gesell, Marian

    Hilderman, Vera & Henry

    Hoffman Placide, Anneke

    Jacobs, Eva and Roland Franberg

    Janssens, Marcel

    Johnson, Margret & David Dorsett

    Karlson, Elisabeth & Uffe

    Kuntziger-Frieders, Betty

    Lightbourne-McPhee, Pertrina

    Mangen, Diane

    Mayer-Rousseaux, Danielle & Ferdy

    McDonald, Lee and Bill

    Moos-Pauletto, Yvonne

    Rolle Schneider, Olivia

    Schlesser Matuzewski, Chantal

    Shaw, Yvonne & Ian Mortemore

    Sigurdsson, Margret and Gunnar

    Skoglund-Bergquist, Carin

    Topping - McCreery, Mia

    Torres, Margie (Ave) & Don

    van den Heuvel, Margret

    van den Heuvel, Sophia & Eddie

    van Oortmartsen, Angelina

    Vidal, Gun

    Watkins, Vivica

    Outside the Clairvaux convent in Luxembourg
    - sightseeing tour with a train from
    Luxembourg to Clairvaux one hour away
    from Luxembourg. Anette, Eva, Yvonne and
    Ian. Elisabeth and husband Ulf and Gunilla
    in red standing up.

    Reunion dinner at the Hotel Italia

    Bill McDonald, Elisabeth and Gunnar
    Sigurdsson welcoming reunion attendants!

    Carin Bergquist Skoglund and Olive Rolle
    Schneider talking with Anne Hays (not facing
    camera), Major Norman Ricketts entertaining
    with Sophia vant Hof v d Heuvel┤s husband Eddy,
    Betty Frieders Kunziger at far end.

    At the far end of table Captain Emmett Hays and Anne Hays.

    David Dorsett, Margreth Johnson┤s boyfriend
    and Gun Vidal, to the right Betty Frieders
    Kunziger, Gunilla Hammar Safstrom and
    Major Norman Ricketts.

    Anneke Hoffmann Placide and Anna Eriksson

    Mia McCreery Topping, Adela Adderley Osterloh, Yvonne Shaw
    and Ian Mortemore and to the right Margie and Don Torres

    Sophie vant Hof van den Heuvel at the very left.

    Sophie, Adela and Yvonne.

    Nicole Krettels Burnett, Henry Hilderman
    and Stephanie Matuzewski,
    to the left Bill and Lee McDonald

    Margreth Johnson, Angelina van Oortmarssen listening
    to a thrilling story told by Olive!

    Uffe Karlson, Angelina, Eva Jacobs and Roland Franberg,
    to the right Gunilla Kay Crawford.

    Margreth Johnson, Vera Hilderman,
    Liliane Hebeler and Gunnar Sigurdsson

    Uffe and Elisabeth Karlson, now Gyllman