1969 Boeing 707 N525EJ
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Nettie Miller and Fifi and
a friend of Nettie´s.

Fifi with Maddie Johnson,
Eva Thelning Marco,
Gun Vidal and
Lena Granquist Wright at
Air Bahama office at Findel
Int´l Airport Luxembourg

Fifi with Ed Little,
Marian Hessinck and
Yvonne Shaw. Yvonne Shaw
was chief stewardess of
Air Bahama after Loftleidir
acquired the company after 1970.

Graduation of Air Bahama stewardesses
- Fifi all the way to the left -
Captain Ev Terry all the way to the right.

Sylvia King, Los Angeles

Lucy Timmerman Feliciano, Florida

Lena Granquist Wright,
Geneva Switzerland,
Elisabeth G-son Gyllman
Gothenburg Sweden,
Fifi and David Stone
(JD Stone´s son) at
Place d´Armes
Luxembourg in 1968!

Graduation of Air Bahama stewardesses