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Daisy comes from Holland! She was with Air Bahama from 1968 - 1969. Photo of Daisy courtesy David Stone.

Elisabeth, Nicole, Lena Granquist Wright and Daisy Leenart.

Margie Ave Torres, Sylvia King, Lena Granquist Wright, Sophia and Anneke Hoffman Placide.

Anneke Hoffman Placide feeding Sophia in the galley!

Thank you David Stone for following wonderful photos!

F/A Anneke Hoffman Placide, Holland and Captain J. D. Stone, US!


More Anneke!


Anneke Hoffman Placide, Major Norman Ricketts,
Elisabeth, Jake & Brigitte Bardot
and Nick Mennon at Luxembourg 1968.

Anneke doing publicity at the Dublin airport in 1968 with Margie, Elisabeth, Gun and Vicki Hanngren!

Carin Bergquist Skoglund, Mia McCreery Topping, Marianne Hessink Gesell, Georgette Frisch Kohn, Anneke,Gunilla Hammar Safstrom, Elisabeth Gustavsson Gyllman, Gun Vidal and Eva Thiberg Jacobs at Luxembourg reunion July 2000!

Hotel Gresham,
Dublin, Ireland

Air Bahama F/A graduation in Ireland at Dublin International Airport, 1968

Hotel Blue Vista Club, Nassau, Bahamas

Air Bahama Swedish and Dutch F/Aīs departing from Luxembourg to Nassau, July 1968.
  • Gudrun Johansson Federico
  • Anneke Hoffmann Placide
  • Margie Ave Torres
  • Anette Englund Martins
  • Anna Eriksson
  • Nick Mennon, Nassau Station Manager 1968
  • Tom Gannon
  • On top of stairs Elisabeth Gustavsson Gyllman
  • Helene Falk Brownson
  • Carin Bergquist Skoglund and
  • Gunilla Hammar Safstrom.
  • (standing to the very right Nettie Miller in dotted dress, talking to ground official and Marian from training at Aer Lingus, Dublin Ireland.

  • Hotel Blue Vista Club, Nassau Bahamas

    Luxembourg 2000 Reunion outside Bamberg Hotel in Ehnen by the Moselle River