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Anna and the MP hunk at Coral Harbour.

Who is the man?
Name him and get a large photo
of an Air Bahama aircraft!

To promote the launching of
International Air Bahama in 1968,
major Norman Ricketts
hired this beautiful girl.

Win another Air Bahama
airplane photo for
identifying the 1968 model!

Do you know her name?

We´ll fly you to a storybook Kingdom 
right in the middle of Europe from an 
incredibly beautiful island out on the 
edge of the world.

Come fly with us!

Karen Fawkes FoxLunn,
La Ravissante ..... -
Anna remembers that she and
Karen always sang
"I beg your pardon,
I never promised you
a rose garden!"

That song was popular in
the early seventies and
is a time imprint as good as any!

from Luxembourg Findel Airport to Nassau July 1968

Come fly with us say Air Bahama girls with Irish touch!

The team from Aer Lingus who trained the Air Bahama 
hostesses l t r: Ann Boyle, Assistant Chief Hostess 
Atlantic, Marian McCreery, Hostess Training Officer, 
and Patricia Reynolds, Senior Hostess.

Irish passengers flying on the world´s newest airline - 
International Air Bahama - should not be too surprised 
if they get a "cead mile failte", a thousand million 
greetings, from any of the new hostesses. For the girls 
have just completed an Aer Lingus course similar to 
that given to Irish hostesses.

For the past month, (June 1968) International Air 
Bahama´s cosmopolitan collection of girls - 26 of them - 
have been at Dublin Airport learning the intricacies 
of their trade under the watchful eyes of Aer Lingus 

Apart from their Irish training, Air Bahama´s girls have 
another link with this country. Their specially designed 
uniform is a mixture of green, white and orange, with a 
bare midriff and a cute strawhat to add the Bahamian 

The girls, from Luxembourg, Sweden, Holland, England and 
America, with one from Ireland, fly out this weekend to 
begin fly.

First time
The airline which goes into operation on July 20, 1968, will fly from Luxembourg to the Bahamas, stopping at Shannon en route. Supervising the girl´s training in Ireland is Miss Nettie Miller from America, chief hostess with International Air Bahama. The fact that International Air Bahama sent its girls here to be trained Aer Lingus style is considered a tremendous prestige boost for the Irish airline. "Our company president Dick Lassiter picked Aer Lingus because the standard of its hostesses is rated so highly throughout the world," Miss Miller says. This is the first time Aer Lingus have undertaken training such a large group of hostesses from one airline. Miss Miller says her company is already making plans to send more girls for training here. (Adela Adderley Osterloh, Karen Fawkes FoxLunn, Vernica Ferguson, Emily Williams and Maddie Johnson, Nassau, Bahamas).

Mia McCreery Topping, Gunilla Hammar Safstrom
and Adela Adderley Osterloh

Lone Irish girl working on the International
Air Bahama squad is Mia McCreery of Dublin.

Vernica Ferguson doing PR
for Air Bahama exellent
on board service.

Don Torres, Jake Jacobs,
Joan Armaly and Fran Ballard!

Smiles on graduation day!
Graduations at Aer Lingus,
Dublin, Ireland, 1968.

Photo taken at Coral Harbour

Anna doing PR for the
French speaking markets

Air Bahama life in between flights - wonderful Nassau!

Anna´s dad, Arlette Fabry Hutchinson,
Gun Vidal and Gerry

Daisy Leenarts, Holland

Anneke Hoffman Placide and
Nettie Miller at the
Nassau Strawmarket

Vernica Ferguson, Anna´s boyfriend
Robert and Anna at
Luxembourg Findel Airport May 1968.

Anna Eriksson and Sylvia King
at the Blue Vista Club autumn 1968

Carin Bergquist Skoglund,
Thelma Otto and
Lena Granquist Wright

One of the first Air Bahama flights
from Luxembourg Findel Airport to Nassau July 1968

Airline hostesses to be arriving
at Executive Jet HQ at Columbus Ohio
in July 1968.

My name is Hank Wasiniak and after very happily 
stumbling upon your website, I wanted to send these 
two photos in for your collection.  Although the 
date on the photos is March 1970, they were actually 
taken in August of 1969 in Luxembourg.  You will 
probably know who the hostess is in the photo. 

My mother and I are to her right. Although I was a 
boy in the photo, I went on to become a Flight 
Attendant for Pan Am not too many years later in 
1978, and stayed until its bankruptcy in 1991 at 
which point I went to Delta along with 2,000 of my 
colleagues.  I left Delta in 2004 and am now working 
as an instructor and supervisor of Initial Training 
for Flight Attendants at Southwest Airlines in Dallas, 

The photos were taken during a holiday we took to 
Germany to visit my mother’s family.  My parents have 
both passed on now and these photos bring back very 
happy memories.  I still remember how excited I was 
to fly on Air Bahama.  I hope you enjoy them and 
accept them with my best wishes. Perhaps you would 
like to pass this photo on to the hostess in the 

With kind regards, Hank Wasiniak

Lucy, Dick Rogers, Gun, Anna,
Elisabeth, Nicole, Don and Thelma.
Photo taken during promotion in
Bruxelles Belgium.

International Air Bahama

A day on the beach!

The photo is of Margreths older
daughter Nadia Christina, the younger
daughter is Anna Karina.
Photo courtesy Anna Eriksson

Anna Eriksson´s daughter in white
bonnet and red-white checkered dress.

Inaugural flight landing in Luxembourg on July 20, 1968

Champagne everybody!
International Air Bahama Friendship
Reunion at the Hotel Italia in
Luxembourg July 2000!

At Betty and Gerard´s Bamberg´s Hotel
in Ehnen Luxembourg July 2000

Anna´s gourmet dinner at Air Bahama
Friendship Reunion in Stockholm
Sweden July 2004

Anna´s International Air Bahama Photo Show!

Thank you David Stone for all these magnificent photos!

Hotel British Colonial,
Nassau Bahamas & Hotel
Italia, Luxembourg

Stockholm Sweden Reunion 1999

Uffe, Olive, Elisabeth, Nettie, Sophia and Anna at
Sigtuna (Stockholm) Sweden Reunion 2004,
Eddy behind the camera!

Robert and Aude-Laurence at Luxembourg reunion - Robert talking with Don!

Coral Harbour Hotel and Villas, Nassau, Bahamas