Lucy Timmermann Justiliano

Anneke Hoffmann Placide, the Blue Vista Club, 1968

F/A Vernica Ferguson being decorated for commendable in flight performance, left to right: Margie Ave Torres, Official, Vernica, Gun Vidal and Emily Williams

Anna Eriksson

Lucy and Thelma Otto

Margie modelling for Air Bahama September 1970

Hotel Coral Harbour,
New Providence, Bahamas

Anna Eriksson

Nicole Krettels Burnett and
Claudine Hasters Ferron
Luxembourg 10 points!

Elisabeth and Gudrun Johansson Federico

Carin Bergquist Skoglund and Elisabeth

Lucy on the go!


Gun Vidal and Gudrun

Hotel Blue Vista Club,
Nassau, Bahamas

Gun Vidal, Margie Ave and Vernica Ferguson

Elisabeth and Gun Vidal