The F/A wing celebration ball at Castletown House!
July 1968

Photos wanted of us dressed in ball gowns!!

Castletown House
County Kildare


Air Bahama Cabin crew training with Aer Lingus in July 1968 was topped off with a

Midsummer Ball at
Castletown House, Dublin

Read about the inhabitants of Castletown House!
Midsummer Ball in Dublin!

It was a night, oo-oo what a night it was,
it really was, such a night!

The moon was bright, oh how so bright. It was, it really was such a night. The night was alight with stars above. Oo-oo when she kissed me, I had to fall in love.

All the beaus attended the Air Bahama Midsummer Ball and the town was in mourning the day 30 new Air Bahama F/As left Dublin town!

...... oo-oo what a night it was!